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Essential Supplies For Packaging High-End Retail Apparel Purchases

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Whether you run a bridal shop or a high-end apparel store, it's important to have the right supplies and packaging to care for your customers' purchases. Use this guide to stock your store with the right materials for your customer apparel purchases.

Garment Bag Racks

Garment bag racks are unique store fixtures that let you place dresses or suits in garment bags quickly and easily. They have a retractable pole, which slides down after the garment bag is placed over the clothing. They also typically have a space at the bottom to hold rolls of garment bags, so all of your essential supplies are conveniently located in one place. These racks should be placed at all of your cash register banks, which helps your employees to sell and package items in one location.

Tissue Paper Racks

When packaging dedicates, such as lingerie or silks, you'll want to wrap each item in tissue paper before placing it in a shopping bag. Tissue paper racks let you display a variety of colors, giving your customers options for packaging their items, and they also provide easy access when your cashiers are ringing up items. You can also use tissue paper racks at gift-wrapping stations throughout your store. Place the racks at the back to the checkout terminal for easy viewing and access.

Custom Packaging Materials

One of the most important aspects of packaging your customers' high-end apparel purchases is placing them in custom packaging materials. Have paper shopping bags printed with your store name and logo, and opt for ribbon handles to add an elegant finishing touch. For garment bags, opt for linen instead of plastic, which gives your shoppers a convenient reusable option for transporting and storing their expensive purchases. Be sure to add your logo to the garment bags as well. If you sell costume or fine jewelry, consider velvet jewelry boxes instead of cardboard designs, and have smaller custom shopping bags created for these special purchases. You can also take your custom packaging one step further by having your tissue paper printed with your company logo as a repeating pattern, which helps to give customer purchases a more branded feel.

Once you have all of your supplies in place, look for other ways to make the customer checkout experience a bit more upscale. Some ideas might include free samples of pastries from a local bakery or small bottles of water with your store name and logo printed on the label. When you pay attention to all of these small details, you can help to set your business apart from the competition. For more ideas, contact a business like Bag Outlet.