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Tips For Safe International Travel For First Timers

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If you will be traveling internationally for the first time this summer, then it is important that you know how to do so safely. Especially in tourist areas, theft can be a big problem and the last thing you want is to find yourself across an ocean without your money, credit cards, or passport. To this end, follow these safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe and secure during your summer vacation:

Tip: Put Your Credit Cards in RFID Blocking Sleeves

Since it is very easy these days for a criminal with a RFID cloning scanner to steal your credit card information, you should place each of your credit cards into RFID blocking sleeves while you travel. Make sure that you also leave at home all of your other credit cards that you do not need during your trip to lessen the chance that they become lost or stolen in a foreign country.

Tip: Store Your Passport in the Hotel's Safe on Days You Do Not Need It

If you are traveling to a single country and thus do not need to carry your passport for moving from one place to another once you arrive at your destination, then you should store your passport in the hotel's safe. This will prevent the loss of your passport from your own error or a pickpocket in a tourist-heavy area. In addition to this safety tip, you should also take photos of your passport with your cellular phone and store them online in your email in case you need a backup copy of your documents.

Tip: Use Shoulder Security Straps for Your Purse and Camera

To avoid theft from someone ripping your purse or camera off of your shoulder when you are walking through a crowd, always wear security shoulder straps like a purse securing strap to hold them in place. The straps will allow you to feel someone tugging at your belongings and go a long way towards thwarting this type of theft.

Tip: Speak with Your Hotel's Staff About Local No-Go Areas for Tourists

Finally, all countries have areas that are less safe than others for locals and travelers. When you are a tourist, it is easy to find yourself in a bad area after dark simply because you didn't realize it's not somewhere you should be. Before leaving your hotel for the day, stop at the concierge desk and ask about any local no-go areas that you should avoid for your own safety.