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3 Tips To Avoid Running Out Of Alcohol At Your Party

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Whether you are planning on throwing a birthday party, a cocktail party or any other type of gathering, you might be thinking about serving beer, wine or mixed drinks to your guests. If you're going to do so, however, you probably want to make sure that there is plenty of booze for everyone. These are a few helpful tips to help avoid running out of alcohol during the middle of the party.

1. Make Sure That You Buy Enough

First of all, you'll want to make sure that you buy enough booze in the first place to keep everyone satisfied. Every group is different, and the amount that you should buy will vary based on a few factors. There are online calculators and basic rules of thumb that you can use to get an idea of how much to buy, and these tools can be helpful to ensure that you don't run out of alcohol. A one-liter bottle of alcohol makes approximately 22 drinks, and if you're going to be serving wine, you can count on buying one bottle of wine per eight guests. When estimating, consider rounding up to avoid running out -- if you end up with a little extra, you can always use it to stock your home bar.

2. Control Portions

If you let people pour their own drinks, you can expect to go through a lot more booze than if the portions were more controlled. Instead of leaving out liquor and mixers for your guests to mix their own drinks, consider pre-mixing a tasty, seasonal cocktail and serving it in a pitcher or dispenser to help control portions. As the night goes on and you make more batches, you can always adjust the alcohol amounts according to how much you have left and how many more hours you expect for your party to continue. When it comes to wine, you or another designated person can try to pour everyone's drink to help control portions.

3. Have a Delivery Service on Speed Dial

You won't want the fun of the party to be ruined by running out of booze, and you probably won't want to run out in the middle of your gathering to pick up more. Having an alcohol delivery service in mind that you can call if necessary can help keep things going if you use more alcohol than you thought you would, and it will also help prevent anyone from being tempted to drink and drive to pick up more.

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