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What Tools And Supplies Should Every Homeowner Have?

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Whether you are a new homeowner or simply want to be involved in more DIY repairs, there are certain tools you will need to get started. Here are some basic tools and supplies to be sure you have on hand for these different types of home repair projects.

Plumbing Tools

A common type of repair you will do in your home is to fix the plumbing. While larger issues do require help from a professional contractor, some of the smaller issues can be done on your own. You may need to open a trap to clear a clogged sink, install a new faucet, or fix a leaky faucet. You need to have a variety of pliers for basic plumbing repairs, including locking pliers that work like an adjustable wrench for pipes. Needle-nose pliers are also needed. Plumber's tape comes in handy when working with threaded pipes, while plumber's putty helps create a water-resistant seal. Also have caulk, a caulk gun, and basin wrench on hand.

Electrical Tools

The next category of repairs you may find yourself doing at home has to do with your electrical system. You shouldn't rewire your own home, but you might need to work with the electrical panel or fuse box, install a new lighting fixture, or replace an outlet. Since you need turn the power off for all electrical repairs, you will need a circuit tester to ensure the power is indeed turned off. Other power-related tools to have include a multimeter and battery tester. In addition to these, have electrical tape, a wire stripper, lineman's pliers, and insulated screwdrivers. Places like Raymar Electrical Sales can help you find the tools that you need.

Patching Tools

Patching holes in your walls is a very common DIY repair for homeowners. It is a good idea to have drywall patching tools on hand just in case you want to fill in a hole without having to call a contractor for such a basic repair. Patching tools include a drywall knife, which can also be used for many other repairs, and sandpaper. You should also have a variety of putty knives and pans for the patching material.

Painting Tools

If you do any interior or exterior painting of your home, not only do you need the paint, but a variety of tools and supplies. This includes drop cloths and plastic to cover nearby surfaces, paint trays with liners, and a series of different paint brushes, sprayers, and rollers. You should also have painter's tape.